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in preposition
1. the specific signification of 'in' is situation or place with respect to surrounding, environment, encompassment, etc. It is used with verbs signifying being, resting, or moving within limits, or within circumstances or conditions of any kind conceived of as limiting, confining, or investing, either wholly or in part. In its different applications, it approaches some of the meanings of, and sometimes is interchangeable with, 'within', 'into', 'on', 'at', 'of', and 'among'
in adverb
1. to or toward the inside of
Related: inwards, inward
  • "come in"
  • "smash in the door"
in adjective
1. currently fashionable
  • "the in thing to do"
  • "large shoulder pads are in"
inch noun
1. (linear_unit) a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
Related: in
in(p) adjective
1. holding office
  • "the in party"
in(a) adjective
1. directed or bound inward
  • "took the in bus"
  • "the in basket"
indium noun
1. (metallic_element) a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite
Related: In, atomic_number_49
Indiana noun
1. a state in midwestern United States
Related: Hoosier_State, IN, Ind.
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