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We don't know about much.
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much adverb
1. to a great degree or extent
  • "she's much better now"
2. very
  • "he was much annoyed"
3. (degree adverb used before a noun phrase) for all practical purposes but not completely
Related: practically
  • "much the same thing happened every time"
  • "practically everything in Hinduism is the manifestation of a god"
4. frequently or in great quantities
Related: a_great_deal, often
  • "I don't drink much"
  • "I don't travel much"
much noun
1. (large_indefinite_quantity) a great amount or extent
  • "they did much for humanity"
a_lot adverb
1. to a very great degree or extent
Related: lots, a_good_deal, a_great_deal, much, very_much
  • "I feel a lot better"
  • "we enjoyed ourselves very much"
  • "she was very much interested"
  • "this would help a great deal"
much(a) adjective
1. (more(a)) (quantifier used with mass nouns) great in quantity or degree or extent
Antonyms: little(a)
  • "not much rain"
  • "much affection"
  • "much grain is in storage"
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