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plant verb
1. (put) put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground
Related: set
  • "Let's plant flowers in the garden"
2. (stock) place into a river
  • "plant fish"
3. (put) place something or someone in a certain position in order to secretly observe or deceive
  • "Plant a spy in Moscow"
  • "plant bugs in the dissident's apartment"
4. (communicate) put firmly in the mind
Related: implant
  • "Plant a thought in the students' minds"
plant noun
1. (building_complex) buildings for carrying on industrial labor
Related: works, industrial_plant
  • "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
2. (organism) (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
Related: flora, plant_life
3. (actor) an actor situated in the audience whose acting is rehearsed but seems spontaneous to the audience
4. (contrivance) something planted secretly for discovery by another
  • "the police used a plant to trick the thieves"
  • "he claimed that the evidence against him was a plant"
establish verb
1. (initiate) set up or lay the groundwork for
Related: found, plant, constitute, institute
  • "establish a new department"
implant verb
1. (insert) fix or set securely or deeply
Related: engraft, embed, imbed, plant
  • "He planted a knee in the back of his opponent"
  • "The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum"
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